Tips to sell your iPhone 7 more profitably

Your iPhone 7 is still in perfectly good condition. The hardware is still fast, the battery time is stable, and the 12.2MP, 4k camera continues to deliver stunning images. So why are you just itching to sell iPhone 7?



The answer is simple. In a sea of smartphones, the latest iPhones is the truest indicator of someone’s social status and economic standing. Ownership of an iPhone grants one the prestige that previously only branded watches and haute couture handbag could provide. Some would argue that the 6.5 inch iPhone XS Max is arguably the most powerful smartphone ever made, and contains an array of cutting edge innovations, and that is the only reason why they are shelling almost £1,500 for it. But we know better.


Regardless, the question now, is what are you going to do with your existing iPhone 7? Sell it obviously. But how should you go about it? We’re going to provide you with four pre-sales tips which will definitely boost your selling price.


1. Sell it quickly


You need to sell your iPhone 7 as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more money you will lose. A six month wait could cost you almost half of the phone’s current resale value as not only are you competing against the XS Max, but also against the inevitable deluge of iPhone 7 which will be sold en masse by other owners. So don’t procrastinate and start moving.


2. Make sure your phone is unlocked


Unlocked phones are sold between 40% and 50% higher than locked units on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Unlock phones have no carrier limitations, no residual monthly contract bill, and significantly less bloatware. In addition, smartphone resellers give preference for unlocked phones.


3. Clean your phone


First impression matters, so spend some time cleaning your phone before placing it for sale. Wipe fingerprints and oil residues from the screen and polish the chassis until gleaming – just these two methods will give an instant boost to the perceived value of your phone.


4. Be descriptive on your listing


iPhone owners are similar to computer nerds – they are well versed with all the specifications of their unit. As such, be very descriptive about your phone on online listing. State the model, variant, purchase date, RAM, storage, colour, etc. On top of that, be sure to list down any blemish on the phone such as nicks and scratches. Serious buyers would appreciate the information (and your honesty), and you will definitely receive less questions in your inbox.