Five advantages that iPhones have over Android phones

One of the most frequently repeated myths are that iPhones are overpriced luxuries compared to Android phones. So much so, even family members and colleagues sometimes see it fit to advise you to sell iPhone 7 or your recently purchased iPhone X in favour of a much more affordable Samsung Galaxy S9+ or OnePlus 6.



And yet, you don’t hear people telling businessmen to sell of their Bentley Continental GT for a Ford Fiesta. Why the double standard? After all, Apple, and by extension iPhones, have long been renowned for their high manufacturing standards and reliability. But let’s be specific and look at the ways why iPhones are a better investment compared to Android phones.


(i) Processing Power


Apple's A11 Bionic chip, which powers the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X range, is a titan among smartphone processors. The A11 blows every other processor, including Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845, out of the water with its processing power. The processor can literally transcode 4K videos on the iPhone (42 seconds for a 2-minute video using Adobe Clips), a feat which many budget desktop computers would struggle to do.


But this isn’t an isolated case. Every iPhone range since 2007 has consistently featured industry leading processing power.


(ii) User Experience and Usability


Before the advent of the iOS, smartphone operating systems were clunky and dour with a significantly learning curve to master. iOS, since day one, has been the easiest operating system to use. There is no learning curve and everything is highly intuitive. Despite Google’s best efforts, Android still lags behind the iOS 10 in this aspect. What’s more, iPhone allows automated OS updated (hardware permitting). This means every iPhone are not tied to a single OS for the duration of the device’s lifetime (note: Google Pixel and LG have recently introduced a similar feature on their devices).


(iii) Minimal Bloatware


You know the largely useless apps that comes preinstalled on most Android phones that can’t be removed? Those are called bloatware, and an entire niche industry has grown on removing them. iPhones don’t have bloatware, since every software is manufactured internally, and can be removed by user.


(iv) Seamless integration with Macs


You can write an email on your Mac, and if you don’t complete it, you can continue writing on your iPhone (and vice versa). You can send text messages and make and receive phone calls on your Mac. The level of software integration is phenomenal. This is not something that Android and Windows can emulate in the near future.


(v) Industry leading support


Yes, Genius are frequently the target of jokes, but the level of service they offer to customers is unrivalled in the industry. Similarly, Apple’s online and phone support is miles ahead of any Android competitors.


Sometimes, the only way you can get premium quality and premium service is by paying premium prices. It’s not rocket science.